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Want to Promote Staff Retention?

This selection of offerings addresses staff retention at provider agencies and what steps can be undertaken to support staff and help mitigate common reasons for turnover.

PDA: Best Practices in Human Resources

February 27, 2018

MCTAC+ Adopting the Principles of Trauma-Informed and Resiliency-Based Care in the Supervision in the Behavioral Health Workforce

September 17, 2019
Employee Supervision is key for maintaining a competent, hopeful and compassionate workforce.  Behavioral healthcare providers who are committed to person-centered service delivery for improving health outcomes cannot overlook the means by which its employees are supported and guided in their work;...

Community Delivered Services: Safety

April 05, 2019
The Institute for Community Living (ICL) has put together brief videos to explore how to implement services in the community, taking into consideration such topics as insurance, budgeting, safety issues, and training. Each of the brief videos in this series explores how services delivered in the...

Employee Engagement

October 01, 2020
As part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar discussed some of the ways organizations/managers can spark people's passion for their jobs and help maximize their commitment to our agency and reduce staff turnover. The presentation will focus on both organizational strategies as...

Turn-Over a New Leaf: Cost of Turnover & ROI

April 26, 2021
Behavioral health agencies suffer from workforce shortages, budgeted understaffing, and higher rates of stress than ever. New York State reported a voluntary turnover rate of 34% in 2019 among behavioral health providers which has likely grown given the stressors of the pandemic. While the exact cos...

Turn-Over a New Leaf: Causes of Turnover

May 04, 2021
OverviewAside from the expense, turnover can be an indicator of larger issues (i.e., supervisor/employee conflict, burnout, compassion fatigue, stress contagion, and value discrepancy/moral injury) within an agency’s workforce. When appropriately identified, targeted solutions can result in decrea...

Turn-Over a New Leaf: Assessing Turnover

May 12, 2021
OverviewThe complexity of human interactions requires that each agency develop an individualized approach to reduce employee turnover. Agencies will need to assess reasons for employee turnover before identifying solutions. This module discussed methods for assessing turnover along with providing be...

Turn-Over a New Leaf: Solutions to Turnover

May 19, 2021
Appropriate evaluation and creative problem solving is essential to reduce turnover, particularly in high stress health care environments. Creating and committing to the consistent practice of evaluation can help identify specific gaps that impact employee retention. This module detailed proven re...
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