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Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM)

BEAM includes a series of learning modules to develop a mental health clinic business model using the CTAC benchmarking tool. This incudes identifying key fiscal indicators, revenue per weighted CPT, productivity, and payer mix.

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 1: On The Road of Financial Planning

January 31, 2013
The goal of this training is to orient all BEAM Core Implementation Team members to the BEAM initiative and give attendees a clear understanding of the calendar, structure, and curriculum that they will be participating within over the next six months. They will also learn about the expectations and...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 2: Orientation to Financial Benchmarking Tool

February 14, 2013
CTAC’s “BEAM Module 2: Orientation to the Financial Benchmarking Tool” introduces an Excel-based Financial Benchmarking tool. The focus of the training is on how clinic management can use the Quick Analysis Tab within the Excel tool to play with different scenarios without requiring specific d...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 3: Indirect Costs

February 28, 2013
This module emphasizes the importance of clinic and financial leadership working together to identify the most effective practices that will help to drive down indirect costs and increase clinic revenue. Indirect costs are broken down into two main categories: non-controllable (i.e. rent, insurance)...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 4: Direct Costs

March 14, 2013
In this training, you will learn how to use the two tabs of CTAC’s Financial Benchmarking Tool: Direct Employee Cost & Contracted Direct Costs. These tabs are used to quantify direct costs within your clinic, as defined by expenses relating to: wages, fringe benefits and contracted staff associate...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 5: Conversion and Analysis of CPT Weights

March 27, 2013
“Module 5: Conversion + Analysis of CPT Weights” discusses the conversion and analysis of CPT Weights. Different services have different assigned Medicaid service CPT weights, which affects how clinics think of and design their service mix to maximize both their clinical effectiveness and reimbu...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 6: Effective Utilization of CPT Units

April 11, 2013
Module 6: Conversion and Analysis of CPT Weights. This training discusses the importance of diversifying the Service Mix by distributing services across the billable CPT codes, as represented by a percentage breakdown of total services.  By doing so, clinics can determine how efficiently they are p...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 7: Analyzing Overall Models for Effective Decision-Making

April 26, 2013
Module 7: Analyzing overall Models for Effectives Decision-Making. Module 7 emphasized the importance of data driven-decision making. David Wawryznek modeled various scenarios that demonstrate how to use the CTAC Financial Model to make better data- informed decisions. Decisions that are based on av...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 8a: How to Develop a Strategic Plan

May 09, 2013
Module 8a is the first of a two part training series covering Strategic Planning. This training focuses on the conceptual nature of strategic planning while Module 8b covers the “nitty gritty” of strategic planning and how to address implementation challenges. Attendees will learn the answers to...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 8b: How to Develop a Strategic Plan, Part 2

May 23, 2013
Today's webinar covers the "Nitty Gritty of Strategic Planning." The overall theme of the presentation is bridging the gap between high level concepts covered in past webinars and the ground level work (at the clinical/care delivery level), needed to achieve the goals set. Here, we are introduced to...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 10: Developing Personalized Indicators and Continuous Quality Improvements Processes

June 20, 2013
Module 10 covers strategies for developing personalized indicators and continuous quality improvement processes. The major theme is how to sustainably incorporate data-driven decision-making into your clinic operations via effective Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It is particularly important that...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Module 9: Using your Financial Model to Develop a Plan for Fiscal Viability

July 05, 2013
Module 9 outlines how to diagnose key problems and identify solutions within the Financial Benchmarking tool in order to structure a plan of action and inform your strategic plan. Three examples are discussed: productivity (conceptualized as the ratio of billable to non-billable hours), indirect cos...

Business Effectiveness Assessment Modules (BEAM) Supplemental Training: Facilitating Successful Team Meetings

July 25, 2013
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