Training Series

Person and Family Centered Planning and Leadership

This series focuses on guiding leaders, clinical staff, and peer support providers in a review of person-centered and recovery-oriented practices that enable organizations to thrive in a managed care environment. Agency leaders can explore ways to incorporate person/family-centered and recovery oriented practices at the organizational level, practitioners can explore hallmarks for evaluating practice and how to develop recovery-oriented service plans, and peer support specialists can explore evidence-based peer support roles.

Part 1: Person and Family-Centered Planning and Leadership: Implementing Recovery-Oriented Planning at the Organizational Level

July 29, 2015
Transforming an organization begins with a vision and leadership.  It is a dynamic and ongoing process that sets the stage and nurtures the change, ensuring quality and fidelity to the organization’s vison and mission.  This webinar will provide an overview of organizational change and how recov...

Part 2: Hallmarks of Person-Centered Practices and Service Planning in a Managed Care Environment

August 26, 2015
The webinar will focus on practices and approaches that embody the philosophy of person-centered care planning and ways providers can effectively engage individuals and families to create an accurate and individualized recovery plan that is representative of their goals.

Part 3: Person/Family-Centered Planning and Peer Support: The (not so) Secret Component to Recovery Focused Care

September 23, 2015
Peer support is now nationally recognized for its invaluable role in facilitating recovery. The role of peer support is evolving in healthcare and peer support specialists are now included in the workforce as members of interdisciplinary treatment teams. There are many opportunities to support indiv...
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