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Workforce Priorities

New York State behavioral health agencies are facing unprecedented challenges. Through health care transformation, agencies are now expected to embrace approaches that are recovery oriented and person centered, trauma-informed, and of course integrate physical and behavioral health. Now, coupled with the reality of COVID and its economic impacts, it is essential that agencies are efficient, agile, and still closely aligned with the priorities of licensing bodies, payors, and other funders.In this webinar series, we will talk about how your agency can use Human Resources to attract, hire, and retain a workforce that will help you deliver high-quality services and accomplish your goals.

Using Human Resources Strategically to Support Health Care Transformation

June 23, 2020
As part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar served as an introduction to the 6-part webinar series entitled: "Workforce Priorities: how to attract, hire, and retain the right people for today’s behavioral health world". During this webinar, participants can expect to learn how...

Getting the Right People In The Door

July 16, 2020
As part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar discused how to attract and identify top talent for your agency. Topics included branding and interviewing skills and questions, including behavioral interviewing. Viewers also heard from a former Executive Director on how she used HR...

Organizational Culture

July 30, 2020
As part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar will explore the different dimensions of organizational culture that play a role in attracting and retaining top staff. The webinar will explore both culture visible to outsiders (mission, vision, and values), as well as the more inter...

Interviewing Tools

August 13, 2020
In this pre-recorded webinar, viewers will receive a brief overview of the toolkit being released as part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, along with a more detailed introduction to a packet of recommended questions that can be used when interviewing candidates to get a more in-depth unde...

Managing Performance

September 17, 2020
As part of our Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar reviewed approaches to performance management in the following areas: coaching, corrective action and appraising performance, accountability, and engagement. Tips for managing high, middle, and low performers were also discussed. Als...

Employee Engagement

October 01, 2020
As part of the Workforce Priorities webinar series, this webinar discussed some of the ways organizations/managers can spark people's passion for their jobs and help maximize their commitment to our agency and reduce staff turnover. The presentation will focus on both organizational strategies as...

When Values Align: Human Resource Tools to Help your Organization Hire and Support Mission-Aligned Staff

October 15, 2020
Our final webinar as part of the Workforce Priorities series introduced participants to a Mission Alignment Human Resources Toolkit, a set of resources designed in a collaboration between ICL and researchers from the University of Kansas. This toolkit includes a pre-employment screening tool, interv...
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